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Youtube to take down music video content in the UK
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Re: PRS, license to do fuck all.
Mar 10, 2009, 14:56
micmacmoc wrote:
I have asked the PRS repeatedly to list which artists are on their books, they refuse. I tell them I will play only unregistered music, they want lists of the recordings, the writers, the artists, musicians etc etc. Not fair, they are theiving scum. They want to charge me over £300 to play my cds in my shop, thats more than we take in a week at the moment.
When I wanted an band to play my 40th,offered £300, no takers. Hard up musicians?!...if I could find one, now the artists in my gallery would walk naked through broken glass for a £300 for a nights work. Spoilt up their own arse musicians want to get real, GET A JOB! We all have to.
Stop taxing us through the PRS so you can swan about turning down work while we pay for you. It is not fair! I understand that 80% of the money they collect goes to 20% of the artists, presumably Bongo, Godolf and fucking Collins.
Fuck the PRS, I shit them.

rant done til next time these scumbags are mentioned.

For some of us humble musicians, PRS provide the only source of income we're ever likely to make. For us PRS = the finance to pay for our next album. Without PRS we would be insolvent.

We are not "on their books". We pay membership & as such expect our info to be protected. They are just doing what we ask of them. They are a non-profit organisation. Remember, the Bono's of this world make up a very small percentage of PRS artosts. 99% of members are struggling to get a few quid.

I wouldn't expect to walk into your shop and take your product for free now would I? So how come it would be okay for you to take ours??

That's my friendly - honest! - rant done.
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