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"Emory Douglas & The Black Panthers" exhibition
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Moon Cat
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"Emory Douglas & The Black Panthers" exhibition
Dec 11, 2008, 16:41
If any HHers are in the Manchester vacinity in the next few months I can heartily recommend the (free!) exhibition on at Urbis featuring the artwork of Emory Douglas, the graphics dude for the revolutionary Black Panther movement of the 1960's.

As well as some fantastic illustrations on display the show is a well structured and presented history of the Panthers and their role in the often incendiary Civil Rights struggle of the period. Some of the material regarding the state of things in certain parts of America at the time is not for the faint hearted and is often jaw-dropping - there's a quote from a man who became a US senator saying how 'proud' he was to have been part of a lynching party - but it's all well worth seeing.

What with the Factory/Hacienda retro and Manga/Anime exhibits of recent times Urbis have really got their act together with these shows.

Go see!
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