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Edited Nov 21, 2008, 13:54
Re: Yusef
Nov 21, 2008, 13:51
Hunter T Wolfe wrote:

As I've mentioned on here before in soundtracks to our lives, I really love a lot of early Cat Stevens. I've also always respected his decision to embrace islam and retire from music at his peak. Even though I might disagree with his choice, it does at least show that he was genuine in all the soul searching and philosophising in his music; that he really was on a personal quest and he followed that to some kind of conclusion, rather than just pursuing money and a career and becoming increasingly bland and unfocussed like so many of his contemporaries. There are parallels with Julian in that sense.

Well said. Geniuses who know when to leave the stage are rare and merciful!

I think converting to any religion is pretty radical, but I think it's got to be remembered what a spiritually exhausted time the seventies were. A lot of artists, not just 'normals', were jumping into the religion pool out of disgust with the besotted beast that popular culture had become.

(I'm listening to Tea for the Tillerman right now... it's been awhile. Quite beautiful, really!)

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