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Edited Sep 18, 2008, 13:38
Re: The NWOBHM era phone game.
Sep 18, 2008, 13:35
booga wrote:
Moon Cat wrote:
This is for fellow saddoes. A few years ago a fellow old skool metal head chum and I had a reminisce about about old issues of Kerrang and, in particular, the old ads for the semi-legendary Shades Records in Soho's Wardour Street. We waxed lyrical about how they would say things like "Angelwitch! Huge! Buy or Die!" or, "NEW! Jaguar! buy or FOAD!". And, if a new example of a particular sub-genre came along that they rated they'd say stuff like "Candlemass! The most immense doom album ever! Delete Witchfinder General!"

The Shades ads and the above, were all the work of Dave Constable, Shades staff man, and joint founder of Metal Forces fanzine. He went on to manage Candlemass 8¬)

I'd forgotten about Metal Forces.

Young Dave Reynolds used to come into the office in Broadwick Street a lot on his way to and from the store. Really nice bloke. Genuine enthusiast. As people they had more in common with the writers on say Blues and Soul and Echoes than the regular music press. Though that's another thread for another day.

The best thing about that scene was the aspect of self-reliance. It never really assumed Fugazi / Dischord proportions but still, a lot better than all the horrible synth pop bands, sucking up to a&r scouts and doing anything short of whoring out their grans to get signed to major.
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