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Kid Calamity
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Sep 17, 2008, 17:55
I'm afraid this grouping together of all these bands into one convenient lump for marketing / journalist purposes got my goat at the time. I've never liked that sort of thing, really. It worked with Punk and to some extent with Post Punk, but that was it, really.

NWOBHM was just silly. The bands reminded me of those saturday afternoon wrestlers we had on World Of Sport on ITV. Ridiculously tight spandex over beer bellies and clumsy macho posturing.

I'm afraid to my ears a lot of these second division heavy rock bands really didn't do it for me. Even Diamond Head, who seem to be getting the most praise and respect, here. I suppose I'd already seen enough of the likes of Judas Priest, UFO and Scorpions by this time and had started seeking out new sounds. Like (heh) Pop Will eat Itself.

I was designing sleeves for a few bands mentioned here in 1989-90. Almost all of them either wanted a nubile babe on the cover or a skull.
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