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The pop of today
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Re: The pop of today
Feb 26, 2008, 15:26
I have an almost cloistered non-awareness of what's going on with pop music. I don't listen to commercial radio.

I hear some stuff on the TV that I don't recognize and usually don't like...
There's an awful lot of this Dave Matthews-whispery male vocal-syrupy groupiefuck drek out there. It's frequently used to underscore the emotional bits in bad TV dramas.

To my ear, most of the pop nowadays has been written by a scientific team of statisticians who are formulating ever more cliché-bound product for a consumer that exists as a demographic model in a computer program.

Remember when pop music was weird and fresh? It was often quite bad, of course, but the homogenized, soulless, corporate pop pap of today makes that old stuff sound great in comparison, at least for novelty value (and where have the novelty songs gone, for that matter?)
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