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Art Jackson's Atrocity a Hoax?
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Edited Apr 17, 2008, 15:07
Re: Art Jackson's Atrocity a Hoax? MAYBE NOT!
Apr 17, 2008, 12:43
Gnosis2000 wrote:

The facts are this:

The story of Art Jackson's Atrocity being from 1974 on Columbia Records is a hoax.

We did not invent the rumor of Catasto Electtrico being Art Jackson. We did latch onto it.

We consider the matter of Art Jackson and Catasto closed.

Once again, GNOSIS slings "facts" around like you actually know what they are.

First... while many people believe that the "Gout" album is fishy, and probably not on the level for a LOT of different reasons, you're the ONLY one stating for the record - AS A FACT! - that it's a hoax. And while I know that you can spit out reasons why you BELIEVE that (all of us can)... you don't have any actual FACTS (you know, the undisputed kind) to support your assumption. The FACT is... you only THINK it's a hoax. And while it MAY be, your "thoughts" are not yet considered "facts" by the rest of us.

Beyond that... you're ALSO stating above that the STORY is a hoax, too! How do you know that? Because you couldn't find it on Google? The STORY of sessions taking place and not being released COULD be real... even if the album we're talking about is not. Hell, The Masked Marauders album was made based on a printed review in Rolling Stone. "Gout" COULD be based on a true story, or a real event or even real people. The FACT is.... you just don't know - even while your busy telling everybody what the facts are. The last time we talked directly, you stated then that "Art Jackson was NEVER heard of before 2007, by anybody." Well... you weren't right then either. Now there's a newspaper article dated 20 years prior. So... could you PLEASE stop stating your theories as FACT when you haven't done the research.

As for your attempt to save face by insisting that you ONLY latched on to the rumor of Jackson being Catasto and re-printed it (bad enough that you admit to re-printing rumors before even looking into them), I'll ask you the same question you could NOT answer before. Where's the link? Show us a link, besides yours, that says Art Jackson was perpetrated by Catasto Elettrico. You were convinced enough by said "research" to print it as fact, so it must be detailed info, right? If you're all into sharing research (like you say above)... then share the convincing argument that made you believe Jackson and Catasto were one and the same. Only then can, "the matter of Art Jackson and Catasto" be closed. When the person that started the rumor either provides a source link... or fesses up to starting it.
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