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Art Jackson's Atrocity a Hoax?
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Edited Apr 15, 2008, 04:55
Re: Art Jackson's Atrocity a Hoax? MAYBE NOT!
Apr 15, 2008, 02:45
davedave wrote:
Gnosis2000 wrote:
Still, I cannot see why you wouldn't share the article in full with us? It looks to be a fascinating find. We asked you then, and we're asking you now, if you can offer us any information. I cannot see why you wouldn't share it.

I'm not sharing any more info with GNOSIS because you guys have a habit, at least in this instance, of printing wrong information. Even now... I've stipulated my personal beliefs at least three times in emails to you guys and you just now misrepresented it once AGAIN!

At the time, you had refused to remove YOUR rumor (the false assumption that Art Jackson WAS Catasto Elettrico) and you stuck by that assumption until I was forced to point out how you knew nothing about where it all came from and the My Space pages - predating when you guys EVER heard of it. You actually stated you already had enough "evidence" and refused to change your info. It was only my persistence that helped you to correct embarrassingly wrong information from your site. Don't mention it, by the way.

So... since you specifically asked, THAT'S why I block out information when talking to Unsung readers. Because of dealing with you guys! You'll note I didn't share it with GNOSIS in the first place. There's a reason for that. I didn't appreciate your condescension then... and your misrepresentation now. Don't make me quote emails, they're not pretty.

I'm not researching this for GNOSIS, you know. So stop asking me to share my info. You guys ACT like sources of information, but yet haven't lifted a finger to look into this yourselves. Even now!

Can you possibly relax a little bit?

The facts are this:

The story of Art Jackson's Atrocity being from 1974 on Columbia Records is a hoax.

We did not invent the rumor of Catasto Electtrico being Art Jackson. We did latch onto it. And removed it per your notes to us. You were persuasive. If you read my first note here, I gave you that credit.

If you don't want to share any info with the rest of us, then fine, that's your prerogative. We'll research it as well and share what we can. Gnosis is a not a website dedicated to Art Jackson's Atrocity. We are a ratings website that has close to 80,000 albums. All we ever had in this case was a listing that tied the two together. We removed that. There was no writeup or anything else.

We consider the matter of Art Jackson and Catasto closed.
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