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Art Jackson's Atrocity a Hoax?
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Re: Art Jackson's Atrocity a Hoax? MAYBE NOT!
Apr 09, 2008, 01:36
davedave wrote:

I blocked the names because I'm doing some research on this band. I was talking with the GNOSIS guys - the people that STARTED THE RUMOR that Catasto Electtrico was behind Art Jackson (dead wrong). And, after dealing with them I'm holding my information a little closer to the vest for now (and taking what I read on GNOSIS with a big grain of salt).

I was hoping the article might bring some more info to the surface, but I'm not holding my breath.

That's not true. We did not start the rumor. That rumor was out there amongst the blogs, and we latched onto it. We may have been the most visited website with that comment, but we weren't the first. After some back and forth with you, we agreed to remove the Cattasto reference. You won that discussion. No need to maintain hostility towards us.

Our biggest point of contention was that we felt (and still do feel) AJA is a hoax. Because we got started off on the wrong foot (you did accuse us right off the bat, rather than engage in peaceful dialog), it appeared to us you were vehemently defending the story that was going around (and, for the record, you were not).

The story that Art Jackson was a Miles Davis bankrolled fusion album released on Columbia is utter bullcrap. The cover has been clearly photoshop'd. The music is from a modern era, with modern production qualities, no way from 1974. These facts we are not backing off from.

As someone pointed out earlier, it has the same feel as those Psi-Fi Krautrock albums that were going around about 10 years ago. When you deal in rare vinyl for over 20 years, and never even hear of something exisiting, it's bound to draw some skepticism. And, as it stands, no originals of those Psi-Fi albums have ever emerged. Nor will Art Jackson's Atrocity, at least not on Columbia from 1974. If it was a privately reeased cassette from 1987, then that's much more believable. Not to mention quite cool!

Still, I cannot see why you wouldn't share the article in full with us? It looks to be a fascinating find. We asked you then, and we're asking you now, if you can offer us any information. I cannot see why you wouldn't share it.
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