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Weird Beard Psychedelic Folk
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Re: Weird Beard Psychedelic Folk
Jan 24, 2008, 20:17
I have
Incredible String Band Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester Farewell Alderbaraan
turning up daily on my random play walkman
as well as bits of a Swans 88 Live show from the Mean Fiiddler right iwhen they became a heavy folk rock band. Don't think this was repeated quite the same in the studio since the band changed lineup shortly afterwards. The burning World & Various Failures are good studio sets but 88 live always stuck in my head.

Fairport Convention Liege & Lief is essential. Not sure how weird beard but it is the archetypal recording of Britfolk rock. It's recently been documented by a recording of its live debut at the Albert Hall. That's up on Dime or I can probably copy it for you (least when I get my own computer back I keep getting discs failing here, wonder if it's the batch?)

Trees On The Shore and Garden of Jane Trelawney. the 1st of these has been released as a double cd. About time I got it probably but why it's got linernotes by Stuart Lee I dunno.

Trader Horne Morning Way
lovely stuff by band centred around Judy Dyble who was Fairport's first singer and Jackie Macauley who was in Them. Dreamy stuff think some of the songs were written for children. Unfortunately I can't find my cd. Must spring clean this place.

Albion Country Band Battle of the Field
There's a glow to this stuff that reminds me of Kosmische music.
Uses traditional material and influences but I find the playing very psychedelic. Glow being practically lysergic to my ears.
Live material from around the time , earlier & to 80 odd is pretty great too.

Insect Trust s/t
I really love this lp. I hope it's still available from the Australian Ascension label cos I think my copy got screwed by mistreatment at camp.
New York based traditional influenced band with psychedelic touches. The cover of Gabor Szabo's Walking On Glass is a favourite.
2nd lp Hoboken Saturday Night is also good.

Van Morrison astral Weeks & Veedon Fleece
may not quite be part of the canon but certainly ought to appeal.

Sandy Denny Northstar Grassman & The Ravens
was started as the 2nd Fotheringay lp but band fell apart or something. Has some great Richard Thompson guitar all over it. Listened to closely you hear templates for Television's work in the guitar interplay. Beautifully melancholy feeling to the whole thing.

Talking of Richard Thompson there is so much by him of value.
I'd grab all of the Fairport lps before he left, the 3 Richard & Linda Thompson lps that Island remastered and augmented a couple of years back plus the '75 live set. Not that familiar with the rest of his stuff though Shoot Out The Lights is great as are all the live sets I've heard. People swear by Henry thE Human Fly which for some reason I'm missing.

Lal & Mike Waterson Bright Phoebus
very Yorkshiire feel to solo set by traditional music family offshoot. I think this was them trying to be a bit more contemporary in the early 70s.

Mr Fox
also have very Northern influence to their sound. They were an electric band though.

Sweeney's Men
Irish group who were the first to go electric at one transitional phase.
It was shortlived though and pretty much everything you can get by them is acoustic. There's a resonance to their material I really like, is it modal tuning?
There is a comprehensive double cd set including a lot of offshoot material that I don't know why I don't own yet. Bit of an oversight so far methinks.

Briosselmaschine german band whose 1st lp is widely recommended.

cut several good lps. 1st 4 at least were reissued as 2fer cds last year and are recommended.

Steeleye Span
grab the Lark In The Morning as fast as possible. Very reccommended it has all their Ashley HUtchings era material which may be their best. Next couple after that are also good.
I love the darkness of the sound which has been compared to the Velvet Underground.

Nico Marble Index is a must have too. Particularly in the guise of the Frozen Warnings 2cd. Not traditional but the sound being based around a bellows organ meant its structure is comparable.

Shirley Collins
Power of the TRue Love Knot, Love Death & The Lady, No Roses
are al recommended. Her voice may take a bit of getting used to.
Very pure English sound with broad accent. Once you get into it I think its brilliant. I'm particularly taken with sister Dolly's portative organ which I always find pretty psychedelic.

I think there are others I could add but that's quite a few to get on with.
I keep hearing psychedelic era Siouxsie and the Banshees as an update on a folkrock sound too.

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