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Uncle Meat/Trout Mask Replica
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Re: Uncle Meat/Trout Mask Replica
Jan 25, 2008, 22:49
I listen to Uncle Meat more often - even got to see the flick once or twice on friends' 6th generation VHS

Trout Mask Replica is just SO MUCH TO DEAL WITH!!

The cleaner sound and lack of the Captain on the Grow Fins stuff was revelatory to be sure - I wish I had a copy of that, had to borrow it years back to hear it, was due to check it from Seattle library but then I moved to LA before it turned up, I'll get there I'm sure

That said, I think I own every Beefheart album while I only see certain Zappa as essential

Stockhausen or whatever, both those discs blow my mind... and that said, I wish Zappa had a) kept his mouth shut between tracks on Trout Mask Replica and b) been able to really do the album how he wanted, in their house

Really, I think it's the TONES on Uncle Meat as much as anything that turn me on. Even on the CD (or maybe especially, as I haven't heard the vinyl) it's so WARM and crunchy, it massages your brainlobes, even aside from what the band is doing. And some of those improv-instrumental tracks are WONDERFUL

Trout Mask Replica is sorta like one long song, whereas Uncle Meat breaks down more easily into digestible chunks

Both reveal much to prolonged scrutiny

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