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What do you truly remember from childhood?
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Edited Nov 19, 2007, 21:46
Re: What do you truly remember from childhood?
Nov 19, 2007, 21:44
Last train to Clarkesville by the Monkees. Be about 1966 and we were in Singapore. My sister had bought it and played in non-stop. I jigged about and sang at the top of my 3 year old voice. Not sure if I really remember it or whether I remember it because there is cine film and reel to reel tape evidence....

Something that DOES stick in my mind (the stuff of my nightmares for years) was being baby-sat for by my sister and her boyfirend and they were watching some film reviewy type programme (or it might have been the whole film) and Mahler by Ken Russell was on. I totally remember his wife, dancing on top of his coffin (rather provocatively if my memory serves me correctly) Mahler (Robert Powell) was in said coffin NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!! and trundling into the fiery furnace and it ended with a little box of ashes with two eyeballs sat neatly on top of them.

I cried for weeks and I'm yet to see the film!

Oh and I did a mean 'Step Inside, Love' by Cilla :-D
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