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What do you truly remember from childhood?
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Re: What do you truly remember from childhood?
Nov 19, 2007, 18:18
Ha I love this un.
A few years back I heard a song called Reward that I immediately fell in love with. I'd heard it so many times over the years but never really HEARD it. So I ask my mum if this crazy band The Teardrop Explodes were any good and she offered to lend me one of her recent purchases - Floored Genius: The Best of Julian Cope and The Teardrop Explodes. I hit track 2, a song called Treason, and I didn't get past the first 20 seconds for the rest of that day. Just the first line stunned me into bewilderment "I've been living through changes and I could swing for you dun dun dun dun duuun" By An Elegant Chaos I was hooked, and by Reynard I was terrified, but in absolute ecstasy. So I carry on and get to a couple of tracks called Charlotte Anne and China Doll. Now this was where I realised I knew both tracks, so I asked my mum what was going on here. She looked shocked and said "I can't believe you remember those two!" "Eh?" "Last time you heard those songs you were one year old and I was playing them on vinyl" And then I remembered the exact vinyl with the Island logo "You mean the one with the palm tree in the centre label?!" "Yep. And I sold my vinyl not long after you were born so god knows how that stayed with you" That was also when I realised Julian Cope was going to mean something good.
Wow, quite the essay.
Another one was when I was about 4. My babysitter's mum had a 50th birthday and invited us. In the background there was a karaoke tape on the telly, and I remember a surreal song with a bunch of men stomping around Egypt in uniform and then trampling on a fez. From that point I remembered that, but just stored it away. When I was about 8 my sister came home with a video of some band called Madness. Another exciting realisation later, I was a full blown Madness fan.
There's two anyway...
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