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Yuk! You're posh!
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bernie the bolt
bernie the bolt
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Re: Yuk! You're posh!
Oct 16, 2007, 18:44
Daminxa wrote:

Except of Chris Martin. I cannot stand Chris Martin.

YES, oh God yes!
Was it the Jools Holland thing when he wrote 'Fair Trade' on his hand and kept brandishing it to the cameras? Get. A. Tattoo. I have lots of tattoos, and over half of them say 'Coldplay suck'. Well, my next one might.

Reckon Moth's right. If ya like the music/band/person, that should be good enough. If they're a twat with/without money then they're still a twat. It just rankles a bit when Madonna's rattling the tin, and she's trousering a gazillion quid a day, without batting an eyelid. And that's got nowt to do with class or background. More a lack of class.

Love y'all x
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