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Yuk! You're posh!
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Re: Yuk! You're posh!
Oct 16, 2007, 10:02
I have no problem with posh boys making music; they're the ones that can afford the equipment after all, and are more likely to have had music lessons funded by pushy parents or whatever, but where I DO have a problem is when you get the likes of Chris Fucking Martin bleating on about Fair Trade and putting on the 'I Wanna Be Thom Yorke' tortured genius bit when he has a very comfortable background, fucking great stacks of cash and a very privileged education. Well fair fucks to him but that doesn't qualify HIM to make ME feel guilty about not buying fair trade bananas or doing enough to rid the world of landmines. He has the money to do that, I don't.

It was like the time Victoria Beckham was on one of Chris Evans' dreadful shows beseeching everyone to give money to charity when the bracelet she was wearing was probably worth more than most people earn in a year. Oooooh don't get me started....

I think there IS a place for posh music AND a place for council estate music; different people inspired by their own different experiences. Oh but it did make me laugh when Wycliffe Jean, in that murderous version of whichever Pink Floyd song he mutilated, described them (Pink Floyd) as being 'A band from the British blocks' when in fact they were Architecture students from Guildford or somewhere! Never ceases to make me smile that one!
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