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A Julian Comp
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A Julian Comp
Oct 02, 2007, 02:49
Anyone have an ideal 1 disc comp ?

This is the one i compiled,
and i like it lots , the balance
and flow is amazing.

Julian Cope Compilation Volume One

1 Kolly Kibbers Birthday
2 Head Hang Low
3 Bill Drummond Said
4 Me Singing
5 Sunspots
6 Search Party
7 Spacehopper
8 Charlotte Ann
9 China Doll
10 Double Vegitation
11 Drive, She Said
12 Beautiful Love
13 Upwards At 45 Degrees
14 Fear Loves This Place
15 I Wandered Lonley As A Cloud
16 1995
17 I Come From Another Planet , Baby
18 Planetary Sit-In
bernie the bolt
bernie the bolt
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Re: A Julian Comp
Oct 02, 2007, 22:17
I can't dude. I'd lose too many songs I love.

If I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO, gun-to-head arrangement, I'd just say Jehovahkill. That's compy enough for me.
Glam Descendant
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Re: A Julian Comp
Oct 03, 2007, 08:01
Nice but what about the last dozen years?
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Re: A Julian Comp
Oct 03, 2007, 14:06
Ok, I'll try...er...off the top of my head...and this might run a bit long, but...

1. Slow Rider
2.Port of Saints
3.Laughing boy
4.I Have Always Been Here Before
5. Highway to the Sun
6. World War Pigs
7. Sure to Forget You
8. Baby, Let's Play Vet
9. Don't Call Me Mark Chapman
10. Bill Drummond Said
11. Mik Mak Mok
12. Quizmaster
13. Kolly Kibber's Birthday
14. Not Waving But Drowning
15. the Tower
16. Dust
17. Peggy Suicide is Missing

Tried to include a good mix, a lot of albums represented...I think the moods ebb and flow and change when they should.....
But, man, how many songs were left out! It's so hard! From Tukh Manukh to Safesurfer, They've Got a Different..., Battle for the Trees, Autogeddon Blues and on and on and on...should be a 2 disc set!
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Edited Oct 03, 2007, 15:16
Re: A Julian Comp
Oct 03, 2007, 14:20
This just about fits within 80 minutes.

Comps only work for me when chronological so an uneven listen but it builds to a suitably rousing p*nk r*ck climax

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Everything Playing At Once
East Easy Rider
Hanging Out
Drive She Said
Fear Loves This Place
Don't Call Me Mark Chapman
Ain't But The One Way
Highway To The Sun
Greedhead Detector
By The Light Of The Silbury Moon (Concert Climax Version)
Feels Like A Crying Shame
Mr Invasion
Get Off your Pretty Face
Love Peace & Fuck
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Re: A Julian Comp
Oct 04, 2007, 14:40
i'll choose IanB's one but with safesurfer on it somehow....but what to drop?

Lets face it, its an impossible job. Oh i'd need wheelbarrow man because its happy days with my brother....darn it, i'll have to play the lot again, here goes
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Re: A Julian Comp
Oct 05, 2007, 21:37
Too short. Far to short. I'd need a four-box set!
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Re: A Julian Comp
Oct 06, 2007, 13:43
One I did, that I didn't give to the person I made it for:

1. Safesurfer
2. Camera Camera
3. Sleeping Gas (Kilimanjaro)
4. Suffocate
5. Quizmaster
6. Strasbourg
7. Sunspots
8. Bill Drummond Said
9. Trampolene
10. Disaster
11. Double Vegetation
12. Fear Loves This Place
13. Robert Mitchum
14. Upwards at 45
15. Don't Call Me Mark Chapman
16. Wheelbarrow Man
17. Highway to the Sun
18. Planetary Sit In

More recently I did one of odder stuff, for a friend who just wanted Robert Mitchum and it was:

1. Robert Mitchum
2. Out of My Mind on Dope & Speed
3. Little Donkey
4. My Wall with Sunn O)))
5. Unisex Cathedral
6. Port of Saints
7. White Van
8. My Pagan Ass
9. Get Off Your Pretty Face
10. Love Peace & Fuck
11. Pagan Dawn
12. Mock Turtle
13. Warwick the Kingmaker
14. Disaster
15. Hobby
16. 24A Velocity Crescent
17. Soul Medley
18. Don't Crash Here

Haven't sent that to him yet either...
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Re: A Julian Comp
Oct 06, 2007, 18:07
Reynard The Fox
Greatness & Perfection
Lunatic & Fire Pistol
[from the Man From NCLE boot]red bull chat/Soul Desert/I'm Your Daddy/Julian H Cope/Out Of My Mind On Dope & Speed/Robert Mitchum
Arthur Drugstore
Safe Surfer
Paranormal In The West Country
The Tower
Peggy Suicide Is Dead

you could replace the Autogeddon tracks with Eccentrifugal Force to make it more balanced or better still make a 2nd disc with the later stuff on
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Re: A Julian Comp
Oct 07, 2007, 18:21
I went down this road too, by the time I had finished the 4th CD I gave up, you can't do it, you just can't leave stuff out.
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