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Favourite Residents Albums (5)
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Re: Favourite Residents Albums (5)
Feb 18, 2007, 20:59
1001realapes wrote:
Mine would at this
time be :

Not Available (this one's been by fave for...er...about 27 years)

Meet The Residents (I think i like the longer mono mix better)

Fingerprince (with brilliant work from Snakefinger)

Duck Stab/Buster & Glen (Genius !!!)

Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats
(for me their best 80's album with Mark Of The
Mole & Tunes Of Two Cities as runners up )

Residents fans who only really like their early stuff are called "Cliffords" (I can't remember why right now though). I started listening to them around 97 when Rykodisc put out a retrospective. Now I've got a ton of their stuff. For me, the top 5 would be.

1. Freak Show - At first I didn't like it (par for most Residents stuff), but after hearing 'Benny the Bouncing Bump' one day, something clicked and I fell in love with the rest. Just re-released on Mute with a bonus DVD.

2. Buckaroo Blues - I love the entire Cube-E project, but if I had to pick one release, the studio recording of the first section (now an impossible to find UWEB release) is my favourite.

3. Meet the Residents - The first album I bought following the Huddled Masses compilation, was also their first. I'm convinced that Les Claypool got his voice from the harmony of the two Residents singing 'Guylum Bardot'. I don't think there was ever in a mono mix, but it was edited down at some point, then later restored.

4. Wormwood Live - Never cared for the studio version but when I heard it played with a live band (not in person, the Residents have never played anywhere near where I live), I was moved. An OOP Ralph America release, but I think you can buy it on iTunes now.

5. Intermission - Recorded for (what else) the intermission music during the Mole Show tour, it stands out as a fine achievement all on it's own. 'The New Hymn' is one of their best songs.

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