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What Are The Best Durutti Column Albums ?
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dave clarkson
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Re: What Are The Best Durutti Column Albums ?
Nov 27, 2006, 11:28
Lots to choose from (he's done about 24 albums) but in my opinion, the greatest ones in this order are:

1, LC (for 'Never Known', 'Portrait for Frazier', brilliant atmospheric stuff, Bruce Mitchell's drums sound great with the reverb overkill).
2, Return of... (for 'Sketch for Summer', 'in D', 'Colette' - fabulous geetaring and atmospheres, )
3, Another Setting (for 'For a Western', 'Spent Time' and 'Francesca'
4, Amigos Em Portugal (another great album recorded about the time of another setting).
5, Circuses and Bread (for 'Royal Infirmary', 'Black Horses', 'Tomorrow')
6, Time Was Gigantic When We Were Kids (sounds great with kids choir samples)

Other interesting and good ones are:

1, Red Shoes (compilation of italian releases)
2, Without Mercy (classical piece in two parts)
3, Sex and Death
4, Sporadic Recordings (volumes 1 and 2)
5, Vini Reilly (good use of choirs, church music and annie lennox samples)

..of the newer stuff, go for 'Keep Breathing'

..one's to avoid:

1, Live at the Venue (poor recording and band sound tired)
2, Guitar and other Machines (critics choice and popular with many people but ultimately unrewarding)

Enjoy the stuff!


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