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U Know (Drain'd Boner is KAK!)
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U Know (Drain'd Boner is KAK!)
Oct 10, 2006, 08:02
What is this horrid dreck seeping from my speakers? Can't even ooze, cuz oozing requires soul. The first Brain Donor was genius Stuporgroup. Even Too Freud to Rock at least had a cool title. What we have here is nothing more than a glorified "Fan Club" tariff for the most loyal. (Me included.)
I posted on here to defend Copey for Audience with the Cope. I said, "he's an artist, he doesn't owe you anything, go on the trip if you like, but don't be a hater." Well, I finally must take it back. The goal of true art is to force a reaction, good or bad. This is just bad. Bad, bad, bad. Not bad in a good way. Bad inept lame horrid dark noise. It goes nowhere. The players are indulgent, doggenchain should have his geetar unstrung and shot. Christ, widdle me wee all the way frickin home!@! It's all going down right about now.
Rite Bastard is a perfect example. So Tough is So Shit! Play it against Too Stone, and you see precisely how the Righteous Origins of the Rite Series dwindled into a mountain of aimless crap.
Loved LAMF, loved the first Donor, loved Rite Now!, loved Rome, loved Audience, tolerated Citizen Cained, but even a single unwed mother would throw this shit into the toxic turd river from whence it came!
Wake up! If you are intoxicated by this fetid garbage, strap on your own fucking guitar and blow your own colon loud and hard rather than sniffing someone else's blubbering arse.
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