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Is Obscured By Clouds the Great Lost Floyd album ?
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Billy Milk
Billy Milk
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Re: 1971 bootlegs
Sep 26, 2006, 12:36
obscured by clouds is a great album, i think 'stay' could be the great lost floyd classic and features gilmore's most languid (TM) guitar solo... it was recorded pretty much on the hoof and benefits from it greatly...

as a matter of interest, check out the neptune pink floyd torrent tracker... some star's currently seeding loads of 1971 shows, an incredible period in the floyd's history, a real time of transition before dark side... loads of embryonic fantastic versions of echoes and some wigged out early material. i'm addicted... if you have to go for one, get 'meddled' probably the greatest floyd bootleg ever.... i reckon they were our grateful dead before they really made it big...


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