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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Mar 08, 2006, 02:10
T2 - It'll All Work Out In Boomland; s/t [UK]
Tapiman - s/t [Spain]
Tarantula - 2 [Spain][haven't heard the other albums]
Tarkus - s/t [Peru][this is some raw & nasty shit!]
Taste - s/t; Live at the Isle of Wight [Ireland]
Tear Gas - s/t [UK]
Thin Lizzy - s/t [ok, only a small number of heavy tracks, but man, are they good!]; Shades of a Blue Orphanage [not much heaviness - great album though]; Vagabonds of the Western World [Ireland]
Third Power - Believe [US]
Third World War - s/t [UK]
Three Man Army - A Third of a Lifetime; Mahesha; Two [UK][the recently released '3' is not nearly as good as any of these, still not bad though]
Thundermug - Strikes [Canada][when is someone gonna reissue this band's stuff? An unfairly ignored band]
Thunderpussy - Documents of Captivity [US]
Thunder and Roses - King of the Black Sunrise [US]
Ticket - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie [New Zealand][first album 'Awake' is great but less hard rock, more psych... beware the cd bootleg which claims to have both albums, as it doesn't actually contain 'Awake' at all, even though it lists the right tracks on the back, and what exactly the first half of the cd is remains a mystery to me]
Tiger B. Smith - Tiger Rock [Germany]
Toad - s/t; Tomorrow Blue; B.U.F.O. [Switzerland]
Totty - s/t [US]
Tractor - s/t [UK]
Trapeze - Medusa [UK]
Truth and Janey - No Rest For The Wicked; Erupts! [US]
UFO - 1; 2; Live [UK]
Unison - s/t [US]
Up - Killer Up! [US]
Uriah Heep - Very 'Eavy, Very 'Umble [UK]
Variations - Nador [France][I disagree with Seth Man and wouldn't recommend their second album, 'Take It Or Leave It']
Vavoura Band - Live: The Early Days [Greece]
Virus - Revelation [much more psychedelic/progressive]; Thoughts [this is the heavier one] [Germany]
Vox Dei - La Biblia [Argentina]
Warhorse - s/t [UK][second album 'Red Sea' is patchier, but still has some good stuff]
Warpig - s/t [Canada]
West, Bruce & Laing - s/t; Live 'N' Kickin' [US/UK]
White Lightning - Strikes Twice [US]
White Witch - s/t [US][patchy for sure, but some really good stuff here; haven't heard the second album]
The Who - Live At Leeds [UK]
Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh; Psychotic Overkill [UK][again, patchy, but some pretty good stuff to be had]
Wildfire - Smokin' [US]
Wind - Seasons [Germany]
Johnny Winter - Second Winter [US]
Wishbone Ash - s/t [UK]
Yu Grupa - s/t [Yugoslavia?][I'm referring to the '73 self-titled - there's also another self-titled by these guys, which I haven't heard]
Zakkarias - s/t [UK][not really too heavy, but worth checking out]
Zarathustra - s/t [Germany]
Zior - s/t; Every Inch A Man [UK]
Zipper - s/t [UK]
Zolar X - Timeless [US]
ZZ Top - Tres Hombres [US]

Now, I'm not claiming this is a definitive list, just the better stuff from what I've heard, and leaving out a few things that might have been appropriate but are more of a fully-fledged progressive rock thing [ie. there's some great heavy rockin' on the first Gnidrolog album, but by and large it's not a heavy rock album - great though it is!]
Also I don't know if I've gone too broad and maybe a lot of this won't really interest Ben who started off the thread. Anyway, I found it hard to hold back ;-)
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