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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Mar 08, 2006, 01:46
Should have also mentioned earlier -
Blue Phantom - Distortions [a bit like Modulo 1000 but not quite as alien]

Pappo's Blues - Volume 3 [Argentina]
Parson Sound - s/t [Sweden]
Pax - Este Disco Debe Ser Tocado Al Maximo De Volumen! [Peru]
Pentagram - First Daze Here [US]
Pink Fairies - Never Never Land; Kings of Oblivion [UK]
Pinnacle - Cyborg Assassin [UK]
Poobah - Let Me In; Steamroller [US]
Pop Masina - Kiselina [Poland?]
Power of Zeus - The Gospel According To Zeus [US]
Procession - Frontiera [Italy]
Pugma-Ho! - s/t [UK]
Queen - s/t; II [UK]
Rag i Ryggen - s/t [Sweden]
Ram Jam - s/t [US]
El Reloj - s/t; Second Album [Argentina]
Road - s/t [UK]
Il Rovesco Della Medaglia - La Bibbia [Italy]
Samuel Prody - s/t [UK]
Robert Savage - The Adventures of Robert Savage Volume 1 [US]
Scorpions - Lonesome Crow [Germany]
Second Life - s/t [Germany]
Seompi - s/t aka AWOL [US]
Sir Lord Baltimore - I know you all know these guys but I just want to take the chance to say, I think if you write off the second album entirely you are missing out! Sure it's different to the debut, and not 100% full of great songs, but I reckon most of it is awesome. I don't come anywhere near to agreeing with Julian on this one.
Shiver - San Francisco's Shiver [US]
Silberbart - 4 Times Sound Razing [Germany]
Skid Row [no, not THAT Skid Row!] - 34 Hours [Ireland]
Slade - Play It Loud; Alive
Slowbone - Live at the Greyhound [UK]
Socrates Drank the Conium - s/t; Taste The Conium; On The Wings [Greece]
Speed Glue & Shinki - Eve; s/t [Japan]
Spermull - s/t [Germany]
Spontaneous Combustion - s/t; Triad [UK]
Stack Waddy - Bugger Off [UK]
Stark Naked - s/t [US]
Steel Mill - Green Eyed God [UK]
Stonehouse - Stonehouse Creek [UK]
Stonewall - Stoner [US]
The Stooges of course...
The Storm - s/t [Spain]
Stray - s/t; Suicide; Saturday Morning Pictures [UK]
Suck - Time To Suck [S. Africa]
Sudden Death - Suddenly [US]
Lord Sutch - And Heavy Friends [UK]
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