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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Mar 04, 2006, 02:15
Daemon - The Entrance to Hell [pre-Hard Stuff] [UK]
Dark - s/t [UK]
Deep Purple of course... [main ones natch being In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head]
Deviants - Ptoof!; Disposable; s/t aka 3
Dies Irae - First [Germany]
Doctor Downtrip - s/t [Denmark]
Drugi Nacin - s/t [Yugoslavia]
Dschinn - s/t [Germany]
Dug Dug's - Smog [Mexico; fuck yeah!]
Dust - s/t; Hard Attack [US; first is better and more consistent - Hard Attack has some great tracks but also a bit of soft padding]
Edgar Broughton Band - Wasa Wasa [later albums have their moments too, but this debut is a nasty gem - Beefheart meets The Stooges, anyone?]
Elias Hulk - Unchained [UK]
Elonkorjuu - Harvest Time [Finland]
Epitaph - Outside the Law [Germany]
Erna Schmidt - Live 69-71 [Germany]
Estes Brothers - Transitions [US]
Euclid - Heavy Equipment [US]
Euphoria - Lost in Trance [US]
Fanny Adams - s/t [Australia]
Fire - Could You Understand Me? [Yugoslavia]
Flea - Topi O Uomini [Italy]
The Flow - Greatest Hits [US]
Flower Travellin' Band of course...
and unlike Julian I am a big fan of Foodbrain - Social Gathering [and it's not just me, everyone I've played it to has loved it!] [Japan]
Fraction - Moon Blood [US]
Freedom's Children - Astra; Galactic Vibes [S. Africa]
Friedhof - s/t [Germany]
Frijid Pink - Defrosted [US; the other albums I don't think are as good as this one]
Frost - Live at the Grande Ballroom [check this one out if you need convincing about this Detroit band - more consistent than any of the proper albums]
Fuse - s/t [US]
Garybaldi - Astrolabio [Italy; the heavy rockin' comes mainly on side 2; haven't yet heard the earlier album]
Geeza - Streetlife [Australia]
German Oak - s/t [Germany]
Gift - s/t [Germany; Blue Apple, the 2nd, is good too but more commercial]
Glory - On the Air [US]
Gomorrha - I Turned To See Whose Voice It Was [Germany; very unlike Trauma, which is more common in shops; this one is riff-filled high quality heavy progressive]
Grail - s/t [UK; not all heavy, but the heavy stuff is great and so raw... whole album is good, though]
Early Grand Funk of course... I would say On Time, Grand Funk, Closer To Home, Live Album and Live - The 1971 Tour would be the most reccommendable
Grand Theft - Hiking Into Eternity [US; this is the definitive comp., and not the same as the Grand Theft from later in the 70's; a review for this is soon to come]
Granicus - s/t [US]
Gravy Train - s/t [UK; shamefully overlooked, this debut - most progheads go for the later albums but for me this is the most satisfying, and has some great heavy riffmonsters]
Grodeck Whipperjenny - s/t [US; not all heavy, but when this unusual psych-funk band whip out the nasty fuzz riffs, man oh man... and they did an album backing James Brown called Sho Is Funky Down Here, which is also great heavy funk-psych rock]
Groundhogs - Thank Christ For The Bomb; Split; Who Will Save The World?; Hogwash; Solid; Live at Leeds '71; US Tour '72 [that last one is so fuckin' heavy and fucked-up...]
Grupa 220 - Slike [Yugoslavia]
Grupo Ciruela - Regreso Al Origen [Mexico]
Gun - s/t; Gunsight [UK; both patchy albums, but the good stuff is worth it - for me, anyway!]
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