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Re: 60s/70s HeavyBluesPsychProtoMetalFuzz
Feb 28, 2006, 07:18
Now, for some suggestions... I held off at first because I thought, dang, there's just so much... I won't mention some of the suitable stuff I've reviewed recently, for brevity. Some party poopers might say only 5 or so albums from this period are really worth having, but that depends on how picky and elitist you are. I can't guarantee you'll like all this of course, but I reckon these are worthy to varying degrees -
Alamo - s/t [US]
Amboy Dukes - Journey to the Centre of the Mind; Migration
Amphyrite - s/t [France]
Ancient Grease - Women and Children First [UK]
Andromeda - their sole album has pretty good moments but I think some of the demos, outtakes and rarities found on discs such as Return to Sanity are better; you can get all this and more on the 2-CD Angel Air label comp. [UK]
Antonius Rex - Neque Semper Arcum Tendit Rex [Italy] [this'll surprise you - the invention of black metal way back in the early 70's]
Armageddon - s/t [UK]
Ashkan - In From the Cold [UK]
Asoka - s/t [Sweden]
Atlee - Flying A Head [US]
Atomic Rooster - Live and Raw 70/71
Attila - s/t [US][early band of Billy Joel that you wouldn't believe, doing proggy proto-metal!]
Il Balletto di Bronzo - Sirio 2222 [Italy]
Banchee - Thinkin'; s/t [US][lots of poppier stuff on both, but when they whip out the hard riffage, look out!]
Bang - Death of a Country; s/t; Mother/Bow to the King
Baumstam - On Tour [Germany]
Bedlam - s/t; Live in London
Blackfeather - At The Mountains Of Madness [Australia]
J.D. Blackfoot - The Ultimate Prophecy [US][mainly for the suite that takes up a whole side]
Blackwater Park - Dirt Box [Germany]
Bloodrock - s/t; and monents on 2 & 3 [US]
Bloody Mary - s/t [US]
Bob Seger System - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
Bodkin - s/t [UK]
Bolder Damn - Mourning [US]
Boomerang - s/t [actually I reckon only half or less of this is that good] [US]
Boot - s/t [US]
George Brigman - Jungle Rot; I Can Hear the Ants Dancin' [US]
Terry Brooks & Strange - Translucent World; Raw Power; Rock the World [US]
Budgie - s/t; Squawk; Never Turn Your Back On A Friend; In For The Kill; Bandolier
Buffalo - Dead Forever; Volcanic Rock; Only Want You For Your Body [Australia]
Bull Angus - s/t [US]
Cactus - s/t; One Way Or Another; Restrictions
Randy California - Kapt. Kopter
Chain - Towards the Blues [Australia] [not all that heavy, but a great album if you like hard blues rock with a bit of imagination]
Charlee - s/t [Canada?]
Charlies - Buttocks [Finland]
Shinki Chen - & His Friends [Japan]
Christmas - Heritage;Live at Massey Hall; Lies to Live By is pretty good too but more progressive [forget about the s/t debut, it's pretty lame] [Canada]
Clear Blue Sky - s/t; Out of the Blue - Live & Unreleased [UK]
Color Humano - s/t; Vol. 2 [Argentina]
Crushed Butler - Uncrushed [UK]

Man, this is getting long and I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitoes while I type this, so I think I better come back to this later, picking up where I left off at 'D'.
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