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Zappa's Dub Room Special out on DVD
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Tangerine Pete
Tangerine Pete
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Zappa's Dub Room Special out on DVD
Oct 20, 2005, 19:48
whilst browsing through Tower Records last night, saw Zappa's Dub Room special on DVD for only 14 dollars.

It was released this week on Eagle Vision -- damn good job on the sound. For those unfamiliar, it's the 1974 KCET show interspersed with the 1981 NYC Halloween show interspersed with random stuff in an editing room in the San Fernando Valley. There are plans to put out both shows in their entirety, along with tantalizing rumours about putting together the Roxy and Elsewhere film, which has been lying around unfinished for 3 decades due to the high cost of syncing the 16mm film with the multitrack tapes.

In the meantime, the Dub Room gives you vintage 74 Mothers at their peak, playing Approximate, Dog breath, Montana, and Inca Roads with phenomenal clay animation sequences.

Bonus features include a brief 1982 Valley Girl documentary, and the original trailer for Baby Snakes, where the voice over guy concludes with the hillarious statement "Baby Snakes will be released on December 21, in order to qualify for the 1979 Academy Awards."
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