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You Need to Listen to the Rheostatics
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Great White North
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You Need to Listen to the Rheostatics
Oct 30, 2004, 06:53
Okay, I don't think they are that popular outside of Canada. Nevertheless, all of you would do right to check out this legendary band from Etobicoke, ON. I don't think they tour outside of North America much, but anyone who's from Canada, especially Toronto (I'm not from Toronto, just thought I'd clarify that before you label me a T-dot-O-dot-ian) where for the last, sheesh I don't know how many, years they've been played a week long run of shows at the Horseshoe Tavern, once called Green Sprouts Music Week, now called the Fall Nationals.

Anyway, they've just released their 12th album, '2067' which is kind of an homage to Canada's imminent bi-centennial celebration. They are one of the most unabashedly Canadian bands out there, never turning from their home, and writing many, many songs about it. One of their albums was written to accompany paintings by the Group of Seven, http://www.mcmichael.com/group.htm, and the name of their first album was Greatest Hits. I assume so there was no pressure to release another anytime in their careers.

If you want to hear some of their stuff, visit http://www.rheostatics.ca/ and check out the video for 'Shaved Head'. This is an old line-up, they've gone through two more drummers since, but a classic song. If you like it, search the net for more stuff.

I just saw them again for the 8th or so time, which is a lot considering how much they tour, and it was one of the best show's I'd ever seen. They are leaps and bounds beyond most musical groups today, everyone and their mother should be listening to them.

Enough, enthusiasm. Go, go now.
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