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Vocals that put me off the music
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Re: C93
Aug 27, 2004, 05:38
erm...steven stapleton has acted as producer on nearly every current 93 release since the project's inception, so i don't know which "better" recordings you're talking about. stapleton is involved in all of them, and ditto nurse with wound, where tibet appears on about 75% on nurse albums in some form.

current 93 is truly an acquired taste. some see tibet's vocals as a sort of evocative speaking, a narrative that is spoke-sung in a poetic, oral-interp style. others see this as singing, though certainly not in any traditional sense.

in truth, there is much precedent for tibet's vocal style. listen to any number of 60's and 70's prog-folk and psych-folk artists for more examples of this non-traditional vocal style. either you like it or you don't, and i absolutely love it, though it did turn me off the first few times i heard the music.

stick with it! it's totally worth it. with current 93, you are dealing with ond of the most staggeringly intelligent and literary bodies of work in the last 20 years.
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