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Soundtracks to our Lives w/e 8/8/04
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Soundtracks to our Lives w/e 8/8/04
Aug 07, 2004, 21:46
Sorry, thought i'd jump the gun and start this early, as i'm working tomorrow (if i've trodden on any toes, forgive me!:P )

Aural delights this week have been.............

Cabaret Voltaire - 'Original Sound Of Sheffield 83-87' - these boys really were ahead of their time - nifty stuff.

Virgin Prunes - 'Sons Find Devils' - live mix album - classic era Prunes stuff. Currently their only available cd - tho this is about to change - see other thread!

The Smiths - 'Hatful Of Hollow' - my fave Smiths album - good early raw songs without the 1st album's gloss (if you like! - see 'What Difference Does It Make?').

Psychic TV - 'Splinter Test Box 1' - great 3cd set of Ptv soundtrack material. 'Elipse Ov Flowers' is material recorded specifically for Derek Jarman movies and is my fave. 'Tarot Ov Abomination' is mainly spoken word, but interesting enough, whilst 'Stained By Dead Horses' is a good mixture of early PTv and a Coum Transmissions piece - fantastic!

Shock Headed Peters - 'Several Headed Enemy' - album rom 1992 - bit light-weight this, but still interesting and features traditional scary vocals from Mr Blake. Also listened, once again, to 'Not Born Beautiful' - still my fave!

Aranos - 'Transfixiatio' - just sounds like a 50+min version of a track from one of the albums he did with Nurse With Wound ('Acts Of Senseless Beauty') - however, thats fine with me, cos i love that album. Great to have this album playing in the background - as you can just let it drift in and out of your awareness.

Dead Voices On Air - 'Shap' - love this - numerous short tracks of Zoviet France-like experimentation - lovely : )

God its hot here - someone turn on a sprinkler!!!!!!
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