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Soundtracks Of Our Lives 28/3/04
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Re: Soundtracks Of Our Lives 28/3/04
Mar 29, 2004, 14:27
Howdy all, this weeks top tunes have been...

New Deutsch Compilation.
Various artists from 85-92 collected by richard hell.
Imagine D.A.F. in various remixed/electro guises and your not far wrong.

The Fall - Perverted By Language, Grotesque, Seminal Live, Nations Saving.
Popped into the library to convert my old scritchy vinyl albums onto shiny, non scratched CDr versions. Think my fav' of the bunch is still 'Seminal Live' if only for 'H.O.W.', 'Mollusc In Tyrol' & 'Squid Law'. Also the Live version of 'Cruisers Creek' plos along at a nice pace, and you get a pissed Bill Grundy introducing the band and promising to tell you how he made the fortunes of punk rock.
Perverted and Grotesque are ace too. Not heard them in years cos' of said vinyl. think these are from my fav' Fall period. 'Nations...' didn't sound so good sadly, i used to loved this record, but just doesn't do it for me now :(

80's indie comp (cheers Gnomen)
More bizzare and unheard of (to me that is) 80's gems...was a nice cross over from the DIY Scene Cd Gnomen did me a few weeks back mastered from his vinyl collection (cheers mate, your a star for going to the trouble :)

Liars - They Threw us In a Trench... + Singles + They Were Wrong... + Athiests Reconsider
Yay!, Liars fest..played everything i have by them back to back. several times over..they really are ace...probably one of my fav' bands of recent years ,though it's probably for purely nostalgic reasons, as they do sound remarkably like some of my fav' bands from over the years. Hoping to see em' in May, Braindonor said they were ace..so I'm a hoping they turn out to be as fab'!

P.I.L. - Live In Tokyo
Thought I'd try this out again, was hoping it wasn't as bad as i recall it, but it was ...pants.

Jarcrew - Breakdance Euphoria Kids
S'OK this, only bought it for Paris & The New Math single...but turns out this is an earlier version of the album, they apparently re-recorded the whole thing when they changed record labels..anyhow, it'as OK and suitably mad in places..lots of ideas banded about..they apparently love Fugazi, and there's definately a few fugazi like moments, the rest is New Wavey/ Proggy and daft...could be a grower!

Also putting a comp together for Gnomen, as i said i'd do him Ambition by the J&MC, so have been digging through the various vinyl comp's of the time to fill out the disc...so far we have Carlton B Morgan - Shave The Ayatolla, Mekons - Fight The Cuts, Newtown Neurotics - Mindless Violence, Three Johns - Teenage Nightingales to Wax, Sisters Of Mercy - Adrenochrome, David J - I Can't Shake this Shadow Of fear, Bahaus's iffy version of Spirit in The Sky, A Certain Ratio - Waterline, Hula - Invisible, Husker Du - Data Control (Live), Au Pairs - Headache for Michelle (Live), Pere Ubu - Non Alignement Pact (Live)...and there'll be a few others too. Post it off to you mid week mate.

Anyhow, I've forgotten what elese I've listened to so y'all have a good week.
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