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Soundtracks Of Our Lives 28/3/04
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Moon Cat
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Re: Soundtracks Of Our Lives 28/3/04
Mar 28, 2004, 19:13
Been listening to...

Ian O'Brien - A History Of Things To Come. Quirky ambience, jazzy bits and general enjoyable electronic noodling.

HIM - Razorblade Romance. Goth tinged heavy rock from Finland. Melodic and a bit dark in places. Enjoyable enough anway.

Big Room Trance - Mixmag Freebie. Almost nostalgic sounding melodic trance and thankfully, mostly fromage free. Recalls early BT style floaty danceness.

Mongoose - Lo_Level. Heavy beats and electronica twists and experMENTALism all built around the always welcome (to me) filthy squelch of the 303! mmmm Squeeeelchy.

Dead Meadow - Shivering King And Others. 3 piece making heavy noise sort of like if an early '90's shoegazer style band smoked loads of dope and threw a bit of Sabbath style sludge into the shimmering guitar mix. I like it, but there were moments when I was thinking "Be a bit heavier! You know you want to" Nice psyche sounding guitar stuff though.

Led Zeppelin - II. Continuing my trawl through me fave Zeppular archives.

Queen - Queen II. Heavy rock, prog pretentions and pop nous crash in dark and ambitious glamular epics. Loved or loathed no one else sounds like this. And lets face it, you don't get words like "tatterdemalion", "Ostlers" and "Junketers" on a Stereophonics album ;^)

Amused By Genitals - Neil Hamilton's Ball Gagged Penile Penance!

Boards Of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country ep. 24 mins of lush sounds swathes. Nice

Miles Davis - Get Up With It. Still enjoying wallowing in the start of the great things to come.

Have a nice week.
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