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VOTE HERE! HH Top 500 Album list
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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VOTE HERE! HH Top 500 Album list
Dec 02, 2003, 03:22
People are jumping at the bit to vote it seems, so here's a whole thread to devote to "Official Voting."

(morfe & PaulMakes, I got your lists from the other thread.)

Here's the deal / "rules":

1. Post a list of your all-time favorite 25 albums. You can make more than one album tied for a position, just make sure there's ONLY 25 albums on your list.

2. IMPORTANT: PLEASE POST YOUR LISTS IN RESPONSE TO THE MAIN SUBJECT (in other words hit "reply" at the bottom of THIS post) -- if you post your lists 6 levels deep I may not see them, cuz I'm sure there will be lots of comments and chit chat. Lists go on the top level of the thread, got it? Thanks.

3. Albums can be CD's, EP's, LP's, cassettes, bootlegs, whatever, whenever in any genre. Just don't make stuff up like "my personal Morrisey Greatest Hits Mix Tape that I made is the greatest album of all time!" It kind of defeats the purpose.

4. Please don't stuff the ballot box by voting for 25 Julian Cope albums and nothing else, that sort of thing. ;-)

5. However you make your selections is up to you, but please take a few minutes to really think about your list. It will be a better list if we all really make an effort to get to the absolute cream of the cream, not just listing the first 25 things we like off the tops of our heads. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

How the Top 500 will be determined:

Each album that gets mentioned on a list will receive "26 minus rank" points towards the master list (i.e., rank #1 = 25 points, rank #2 = 24 points, etc.) All voters' lists will be weighted equally. Final list will be tallied by adding up total points. Ties will be left as ties.

The voting will be open until "after a couple weeks pass with no one posting any new lists." (Sometime in early 2004 most likely.) The more people who participate, the more interesting the final list will be!

I will add it up and post the results, but if anyone else wants to keep track to make sure all is above-board, go ahead. It will be entirely based on your public posts here at the Unsung forum.
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