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Zombie Birdhouse
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Zombie Birdhouse
Oct 01, 2003, 17:34
Dog 3000,

I would like to congratulate you on your well written Z. B review. Iggy solo is always a mixed proposition. First you get the fine bowie efforts then the declining Arista years (n.v,party/Soldier) before he was commercially saved again by Bowie for Blah.... Somewhere inbetween which you get Zombie BirdHouse a strange comic brew which has never really been give any sorta respect by punter or critic alike. I see it has just been given a new release at amazon.co.uk with a whole cluster of additional tracks are these live? Live, of course being the operative word, since this is all that iggy is good for these days.

Honestly Skull Ring man? Just go away and write a book.

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Re: Zombie Birdhouse
Oct 01, 2003, 23:33
Talk about seeing Iggy live, well I never got to see him yet, but a friend once sent me a live tape of Iggy live in San Antonio supporting Zombie Birdhouse (he played some of the songs of that album) and the crowd was quite hostile. The tape was mostly interesting for Iggy's extremely obscene baiting of the audience.
Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: Zombie Birdhouse
Oct 03, 2003, 20:11
Thanks for the props. :-)

I only have the vinyl, I don't know nuthin about those CD bonus tracks.
Dwight Fried
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Re: Zombie Birdhouse
Oct 03, 2003, 20:17
I have a foggy recollection of the Ig performing 'Eat or be Eaten' on Letterman or some such late-night show.
Still have my copy-will have to take it out for re-evaluation.
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Re: Zombie Birdhouse
Oct 04, 2003, 00:35
please go to this site NOW!!! please, please, please, please!!!!


let me know what you think!!
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Re: Zombie Birdhouse take 2
Oct 04, 2003, 00:36
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