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You missed one, Morfe!
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Re: You missed one, Morfe!
Jul 09, 2003, 00:59
never ceases to amaze me about the diverse subject matter produced on these message boards. For the record, Bakhtin is one of my favourite thinkers mainly on the back of his 'Problems of Dostoevsky's Poetics'. It got me into Dostoevsky who I have now virtually completely read. Also his ideas about the polyphonic novel and the unauthentic surplus of vision that the narrator God displays in an ordinary monologic novel (monologic meaning filtered through one voice, everything seen through the narrators eyes) made a deep impact on me,and in one way or another heavily influenced a book what I wrote - the as yet unpublished 'Creating 23'. I also have 'The Dialogic Imagination', 'Towards a Philosophy of the Act' and 'Marxism and the philosophy of Language'. I never seem to get around to reading them as I have gone off philosophy and the idea of thinking about stuff at the moment. Sorry, am I boring you?

enough already

is all

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