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North East of England Green Party
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Re: North East of England Green Party
Nov 10, 2000, 14:16
Wow Zip, what fire and fury you speak with, and yet what little clear thinking I can find in what you say.

>All group,no group;all party no party".ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!!!!! If thats the case why sign off with an apolitical name?

And if he was using Green Party resources and not telling us, he'd be accused of hiding something. Just cos someone *instigates* something doesn't mean they *own* it.

The fuel protests are, as he said, opposed by some people from all parties and many people from none. That sounds 'all-party/no-party' to me.

>Sorry , but i feel that you are being reactionary in the extreme.

A recationary is one who reacts against change. Those who object to higher taxes, and to the acting on the wider issue of global climate change fit that tag pretty well.

>Didn't catch you at the last stand off point.

Ah right, cos you haven't objected to something in the past means you can never object to it in the present or future.

>Your approach seems to be divide and conquer

Divide who? Conquer who? I don't get why you say this. It seems to me he's just encouraging those who oppose the fuel tax cuts to be as active and vocal as those who want them. Not dividing anyone as far as I can tell.

>(by the way didnt catch any of your ilk complaining about the gm crops down here in the SW).

Not quite sure who you can mean by 'your ilk'; the Green Party have been extremely active (collectively and as individuals) in anti-GM campaigning and direct action. Including crop-trashing in the SW.

>Look at the big picture not the value of your grandparents legacy.

I agree. But I think defending the grandparents legacy from those who'd insultingly compare themselves to it is justified.

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