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tv license rant /the bastards
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Re: tv license rant /the bastards
Mar 12, 2003, 15:53
okay-dokey....sleeves rolled, hands chalked, gloves on.....

aqk does of course have a point that the license fee is a license to watch any telly, not specifically the beeb, but that doesn't really affect the 'moral'# argument. so i'm ignoring it!

as to grufty's argument - firstly I assume Jo has a telly, so she does actually RECEIVE the beeb, but chooses not to watch it. But that is just a pedantic aside.

Alex is obviously the key person here - so the question is what service does the non-tv owner not avail themselves of? You seem to think that its the adverts themselves themselves grufty, whereas I think - and it seems to be what merrick is saying too - that its the PROGRAMMES (sorry for shouting).

The adverts are merely paying for the programmes to be made, but even tho I do not watch the programmes I am being expected to pay for them - and unlike the license fee, i have no real choice on many many occassions (buying non-advertised goods is very tricky indeed, tho not impossible, but a separate argument i think anyway).

.....bobs back to the corner and removes gumshield so as to have a quick fag between rounds...
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