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WWF and WF mentality
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Annexus Quam
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WWF and WF mentality
Oct 24, 2000, 14:23
The WWF says in its annual report that at present rates of consumption we would need another TWO planets.

What is the amount of energy we need? The States consumes double the amount of energy as Europe, per capita. I don't feel poorer than my fellow Americans. What do you do with so much energy?


Western companies are licking their dry lips at the prospects of China becoming a consumerist society. Illegal CFCs, banished tobacco companies, car manufacturers... there's the future. Cheap market labour and no regulations. Excellent. There's money in the making. Globalisation is their creed.

It is no mystery that the wastefucker mentality soaks the mindless minds and rational brains of some people.
Geneticists in their cynical attempts to conquer the patents of all foods in the planet.

Scientists in the services of corporate greedheads saying we do not need to worry about the extinction of species any more. They can always be cloned so lie back and relax.

This Western arrogance is dangerous as fuck. Why should I trust this millimillenary world to a bunch of corporate buttfuckers with their brains in their plastic cards? Jesus Christ said "the earth is yours to take" and then we raped Her. A Christian once said to me: "it is a god-given right". Whose right? I wonder. The Mother smiles at this ignorance for she doesn't care how much we pillage. We always see Her effects on us, eventually. And after we're gone, the forests will grow again in just a speck of a cosmic second.

Meanwhile, the Muslims and the Jews are as fucked up, too busy with their stone throwing macho athletic games.

The Funny Trio is now complete.

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