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"take the law into your own hands"
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Annexus Quam
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"take the law into your own hands"
Oct 12, 2000, 10:19
"In 1999, almost 100 Interfor workers and friends took the law into their own
hands, and confronted local environmentalists in British Columbia's Elaho
Valley. They vandalised a camp and assaulted several individuals, three of
whom were hospitalised. Subsequently, five Interfor workers were charged
with assault and are now awaiting trial. Even more alarming than the acts of
its workers is the role of Interfor itself. The workers carried out the
assault using Interfor logging trucks. A company vice-president and three
directors were in the region at the time, but did nothing to stop the
vigilante attack. Interfor trucks and radios were used to coordinate the

But it was Betty Krawczyk, a 72-year-old great grandmother, and Barney Kern,
a 36-year-old environmentalist, who have recently been sentenced to one year
in jail. Each for peacefully protesting International Forest Product's
(Interfor) ongoing clearcut logging of 1,000 year old trees in the Elaho

Interfor is destroying many intact areas throughout the ancient coastal
temperate rainforests of British Columbia, including the island of the
Spirit Bear and the Elaho Valley. The Elaho contains thousand-year old trees
and is home to the southern-most population of grizzly bears on the west
coast of North America.

Greenpeace has repeatedly asked Interfor to agree to a moratorium on logging
in the last remaining intact areas of temperate rainforest. Not only has
Interfor refused to suspend its logging plans and work towards a long- term
solution, but its employees have resorted to violently assaulting
environmentalists, and the company has helped to send peaceful protesters to


Send messages to the Premier of British Columbia and the CEO of Interfor
using our simple web-based activist system at:


You can also send an e-card about this issue to a friend or colleague
using Greenpeace's new e-card system at:


Thank you

Chris Daley
Greenpeace Australia
CyberActivist Coordinator

"Only after the last tree has been cut down,
only after the last river has been poisoned,
only after the last fish has been caught.
only then will you find
that money cannot be eaten"
Chief Seattle

thanks to chris daley for that piece
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