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Re: Easy Mr Shaggy
Dec 15, 2002, 20:12
Loadsa money was pretty crap so is Ali G. If the tone is harsh it is in equilibrium (thanks for introducing the word to this thread sputem boy) with the overly right on stance taken up earlier. Two wrongs will never make a right and I'll not hide behind the 'I was being ironic' copout, neither will I apologise. The views expressed were over the top yes but I believe in them to a point. I’m actually very middle of the road where politics are concerned and have strong views on certain moral issues. I wouldn’t impinge on a person’s rights to do whatever they please for pleasure as long as they didn’t hurt a third party. Although I’ve never done it I see no wrong in going to a strip joint, or in the owner of one making a packet. Neither is their anything wrong with using the services available in a brothel. Having said that if there were a copy of the Sun in the canteen at work I’d probably check out page three. I am after all a man, and as such prone to occasional weakness! The FHM lingerie 2002 supplement caught my eye just the other day.

Yours, a big fan of the female form.

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