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Re: Easy Mr Shaggy
Dec 15, 2002, 16:47
At one time I used to be Ironic about stuff, sometimes to make a point via parody but especially to wind up a PC girl I knew. I was aware of the potential of irony in the post. Hence the lightness of my reply to it. Only if these things are taken too far they can be attempts at baiting with the get out of 'I was only being Ironic'. I have done this myself in the past. It is a question of how aggressive in tone, weither it is good natured messing about etc.

I did ask SN the other week if he was playing (a post modern) devils advocate on a thread about the firefighters.

But like with the long time unfunny Ali G supposed Irony or Send up can actually end up reinforcing prejiducies which were once being lampooned. in the end it often just reinforces people who have those attitudes. Remember the long time unfunny Harry Enfield character who actually ended up becoming a hero of money grabbing cockneys in the 80s.

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