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wastefuckers never show their faces
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Annexus Quam
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wastefuckers never show their faces
Oct 08, 2000, 13:49
"Small-scale trials of genetically-modified crops are being carried out at locations across England, it has been revealed. The trials of GM maize, sugar-beet and oil-seed rape have been under way for more than a year but have not been widely publicised.

A Ministry of Agriculture (Maff) spokesman said they were approved by Agriculture Secretary Nick Brown and announced in a parliamentary answer. The sites are in Oxfordshire, Somerset, North Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire and Shropshire and are being run by the National Institute for Agricultural Botany.

Although members of the public can ask for the precise details of where each trial is located, Maff said no official list has yet been drawn up.

The trials are designed to test the effects of herbicide-tolerant GM plants on the environment. The larger trials have proved consistently controversial since they first began.

Environmental group Friends of the Earth says the exclusion zone of 200m around the test crops is too small and have demanded compensation for bee keepers whose hives may be affected and organic farmers whose crops could be contaminated.

Environmentalists have repeatedly targeted farms where the trials are being carried out, damaging the crops, while some farmers have dropped out of the experiments. In September 28 members of the environmental pressure group Greenpeace were acquitted of theft and criminal damage after destroying GM crops at Norfolk farm last year. The group, which included Greenpeace's executive director Lord Peter Melchett, said they were acting out of necessity, to prevent neighbouring farms from being damaged by GM pollen.

In May this year it was also revealed that 600 farmers had unknowingly sowed GM seeds mistakenly supplied to them by Canadian firm Advanta.

The contaminated oil seed rape was sown in more than 11,000 hectares of land in Scotland.
Farmers were advised to destroy the crops by the government."

Again, the perennial problem of in whose interests is it to create more rubbish when there are so many great forward-thinking alternatives around with the stuff we have and even worse, shelter behind naive and empty excuses of world hunger salvation?

Am I anti science? bullshit. I haven't heard of anyone who wouldn't rather eat a non-GM tomato than a GM one. I am all for the latest state-of-the-art futuristic non-combustion-engine cars, but where are they 80 years after motor car culture began? If so, then whose turn is it to go forward? Who is forward thinking and who is an antidemocratic wastefucker hiding their egotistic experiments in the bushes?

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