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Ireland threatening to block Brexit deal ....
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Re: Ireland... Tories threaten Good Friday Agreement to be tossed out on Blue Bin day.
Jun 30, 2017, 11:17
You keep blathering on about this 1.5 Billion 'bribe'....
I've come to realize over the years here that you in particular are extremely one sided in your arguments and quite economical when it comes to understanding the big picture...
You see, knowing that about you, i did a little research...
No, i didn't read Russian propaganda links bunged up on a blog by totally blinkered agendist's either....
I've noticed as of late that you yourself can't be assed to call out such low caliber and and completely un-substantiated fodder for conspiracy theorists..nope.. not you...particularly when it suited your agenda, or bolstered your 1 sided points of view...

Anyhow...the real truth of the matter is that Northern Ireland has historically always costed the UK those amounts as the cost of doing business.
This is nothing new.


Here's the breakdown of how that money is going to be spent too :


{for the attention limited here it is excerpted...}

This breaks down as follows:

£400 million for infrastructure projects (£200 million per year for two years)
£200 million for improvement of health service (£100 million per year for two years)
£150 million for ultra-fast broadband (£75 million per year for two years)
£100 million for tackling deprivation (£20 million per year for five years)
£100 million to address immediate pressures in health and education (£50 million per year for two years)
£50 million for mental health services (£10 million per year for five years)

These all seem to be sensible expenditures...but what the hell does Dhajjie know...???

If the "sainted Theresa May" {who by the way is STILL your prime minister} has to do business in a manner you don't agree with, particularly with Northern Ireland...That is Her concern far more than anything you will ever have to say about it.
It's pretty obvious that you and your like are going to be critical and un-supportive of everything she endeavors to do...
You keep calling out anyone and anything that doesn't identically match your flawed and outdated ideologies...
But Dhajjie knows that no matter how far apart you attempt to drive the wedge between yourselves and 'THEM', 'THEY' are still your countrymen.
It's too bad that you yourself will have nothing to do with improving things beyond complaining about it all on a rock and roll sub-forum.
Good luck with that.
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