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Ireland threatening to block Brexit deal ....
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Ireland... Tories threaten Good Friday Agreement to be tossed out on Blue Bin day.
Jun 29, 2017, 18:32
Locodogz wrote:
I'm genuinely curious - having read your interesting post three times over!

You start by stating that "The DUP are the least of our worries" and then go to paint a scenario under which the Tory/DUP deal fatally undermines the GFA?

Yes. It is the undermining of the GFA which is the problem. The DUP will always be with us. They are the least of our problems.

Locodogz wrote:
I spent a deal of time in Belfast in the (late) 80's and - whilst I'd completely agree with your description of a "fairly lively place both politically and militarily" - its not a place I'd wish it's current occupants back to any time soon?

I hope your time in Norn Irn was as enjoyable and memorable as mine was. I loved the place. I left on a midnight boat after some nasty stuff in North Belfast. That was nearly thirty years ago. I would wish no return to those days for anyone. I made many friends. I sometimes dream of the North Antrim Coast and often look over from Arran each Summer.

Locodogz wrote:
I really hope this Tory shambles is over before its had the chance to undermine one of the greatest peace-making achievements of our era... in all seriously the one thing I'd most hate to see as 'collateral damage' from any fall out would be the GFA. So I'd view the DUP as a major worry at this time?

I agree with everything you say except the last line. I am NOT worried about the DUP, they have been around for ever and shall remain around forever (insert Ian Paisley voice there...). It is the deliberate undermining of GFA by Westminster for political expediency to prop up a failed Tory government which is the worry for me. It means that they are viewing any fallout on the People of Norn Irn as "collateral damage" already. And that they are okay with that. That is my problem with this.
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