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Ireland threatening to block Brexit deal ....
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Edited Jun 28, 2017, 15:02
Re: Ireland... Tories threaten Good Friday Agreement to be tossed out on Blue Bin day.
Jun 28, 2017, 14:35
Howburn Digger wrote:

I pointed out quite some time ago on here that a hung Parliament with the Tories attempting ANY deal with the DUP would break the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. Everyone in Ireland knew this. Mentioning it in mainland Britain was equivalent to talking in Klingon about Balamory burning down. No-one could comprehend it, was interested or could see any relevance to Britain's Got Talent. Recently UK news covered this trivial, minor DUP issue as if a deal with the DUP was simply nothing. No BBC or major TV or UK newspaper seemed interested in pointing out this MASSSIVE scab which was being picked off in one scoop by Theresa May. She either has NO idea what she is doing or she is a psychopath posing in a Middle England Vicar's Daughter's clothing. I do NOT believe she has not been briefed or given the correct information. This is a massive brick getting knowingly thrown into what has been a fairly calm pond recently.

The only film I ever felt came close to touching on what was going on over there in the 80's was difficult movie called "Angel" which was directed by Noel Jordan and starred a young Stephen Rea. You wont feel any better by the end of it but some of the confusion might clear a little.


Thank you for your insightful analysis, and Jim's too (have copied just two paragraph's into my reply). Agree completely May and her desperate inner circle don't seem to have a clue about the ramifications of their actions where NI is concerned. Chris Patten was talking on morning tv earlier, referred to the £1.5 billion as a 'bung' which they didn't need to do. The DUP would never have voted against the Tories anyway as they wouldn't want Jeremy Corbyn in control. He also said his involvement in the Good Friday Agreement was probably the most difficult job he's ever had.

I think I've seen 'Angel' as really like Neil Jordan (haven't seen anything from him in while). Will watch it again later tonight.
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