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For those that want to see for themselves what the White Helmets controversy is about.....
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Re: I guess you had to be there......
Jun 24, 2017, 06:09
Stay Strong London Firefighters, Al-Qaeda Supports You

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June 23, 2017



By Brandon Turbeville

As the Grenfell tower fire began to die down, propaganda began ramping up in England. Channel 4, long known to support terrorist organizations and the war in Syria, aired a shockingly insulting video directed at London firefighters that scarcely anyone in the firefighting community or general public even noticed. The Channel 4 program aired what was supposed to be another round of tribute for London firefighters and their bravery at Grenfell, but what it actually showed was terrorist support group White Helmets “expressing solidarity” for the London firefighters and holding up banners expressing the same sentiment.

“Long distance prevent us from coming to help but we felt London’s pain through last night’s events. Our hearts are with you. #WhiteHelmets #Idlib,” the banners read, with pictures of terrorists holding these banners flashing throughout the video

“With no regard for the ever-mounting evidence, exposing the White Helmets as Al Qaeda co-workers and enablers in Syria, Channel 4 once again promoted this group of NATO and Gulf state funded criminals, as heroes,” wrote Vanessa Beeley of 21st Century Wire. “The genuine firefighters in London should be insulted that their own valiant efforts are compared or conflated with a fraudulent group of terrorists and petty criminals who campaign for war to ensure further bloodshed in Syria.”

Indeed, even aside from the fact that the White Helmets are essentially a terrorist support group, the video itself is incredibly tasteless and might as well say, “We are the White Helmets. Our tragedy is bigger than yours. Now you know how we feel. Now listen to our propaganda narrative for a minute and a half.” But what is even more insulting is that British firefighters are now being associated with these terrorists as a result of Channel 4’s video. For that alone, Channel 4 owes the London Fire Brigade an apology.

Since Channel 4 neglected to portray the real nature of the White Helmets, particularly of the Daraa wing that was touted in the video, Vanessa Beeley revealed a sizeable portion in her article, “White Helmets: Severed Heads Of Syrian Arab Army Soldiers Paraded As Trophies – Endorsed By Channel 4.”

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