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For those that want to see for themselves what the White Helmets controversy is about.....
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It is indeed related......
Jun 23, 2017, 20:59
Russia and Iran have pulled the Qatar chesspiece into their orbit.

The US, AIPAC, Saudi (Zionists - and yes, they were both set up by the British Zionists as foils to each other in the post WW2 environment) plans have gone awry. They are desperate now and the KSA has a new hot headed young prince that worships US and UK dollar and pounds. Henceforth, all bets are off. Turkey is also not playing chess the way the globalshits want and time is running short. Russia and Syria are wiping out ISIS and the FSA while the American and British people are waking up to the fact that Trump/May and the Deep State fooled them via the Hegelian Dialectic once again. Trumps with the terrorists and NATO's proxy Right Sector Nazis in Ukraine. He always was a rube, just like Obama, he was used to fool the base. May aided the Manchester bombers terrorist activities in Libya when she was UK foreign secretary. They are their terrorists.

Qatar refused to go along with any further Gulf State sponsored terrorism.

They've had enough. They don't want war with Iran. Trump and the Saudi terrorists are trying to force their hand.Saudi Arabia and UAE have introduced a 15 year prison sentence for people supporting Qatar on social media. AIPAC and the British backed Saudis (the Zionist Hegelian Dialectic foils) have had their Iran overthrow plans stumped and they are getting more desperate. They are not winning in Syria and they can't make the Turks or the Qataris get onboard. Like in WW2, they want everyone else to do the fighting so they destroy each other. Its going cockeyed and Americans are waking up to the fact that Trump was a showman who sold them out and is now waving Saudi terrorist swords and backing Ukrainian Nazi Porkoshenko and NATO. He always was one of them. It was simply an elaborate show. Anyone who watched the Al Smith dinner back in October 2016 after the third debate could easily see that Clinton and Trump were actually close friends. Alas, Americans are blinded by their political loyalty to people that screw them in the rump. Trump in the rump.
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