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For those that want to see for themselves what the White Helmets controversy is about.....
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Clarity of Signal
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Edited Jun 22, 2017, 23:03
Re: For those that want to see for themselves what the White Helmets controversy is about.....
Jun 22, 2017, 23:00
Thanks for posting that. :) Those same JPR links are chronicled at my Clarity of Signal site as I was one of the first people to start thoroughly archiving the truth about the White Helmets at Jackpine Radicals and other discussion forums. I appreciate the chance to set the record straight. My being banned there was the reason I set up the official Clarity of Signal site in January of this year. In a sense I can thank the JPR site owner Manny Goldstein for censoring and banning me, for if he hadn't done so, I'm not sure I would have moved on purchasing my own Wordpress site to get this incredibly important information out.

Here's the full and real story of what happened to me.

I started my antiwar activism by first protesting and speaking out in 2002/2003 and then moved on to posting against the Iraq War while being a member of Democratic Underground in 2004. I also was one of the first persons at Democratic Underground to become involved with posting up information about the Libyan war in 2011 (screen name Go West Young Man). I voted for Obama previously, naively thinking he may prosecute the Bush administration for the war in Iraq, but realized as soon as he was in power that his bank bailout was a smoke and mirrors grand theft and that he was simply another Goldman Sachs puppet used to fool the public. Once I started voicing these opinions about Obama and speaking out against the war in Libya in 2011 I was stalked by members of the DU site. By the time 2014 rolled around and the Ukraine conflict kicked off I was banned (tombstoned) in short thrift.

I then moved my efforts to help wake people up at the Discussionist forum where I was also stalked by DU'ers and by early 2015 I was banned there also. Bear with me this gets even more entertainingly worse. :) By early 2016 Jackpine Radicals was set up by and for ex DU'ers who were being kicked daily from the now neocon minded cesspit of faux liberals, angry Clintonista's, vitriolic fembots/LGBT intolerable's and fake SJW's that Democratic Underground had become.......not to mention the BLM movement that had also moved in and were acting crazy as hell. All told Democratic Underground had morphed into a real cacophonous horror show.

At Jackpine Radicals I was one of the most prolific posters and helped grow the site with many of my highly controversial posts under my new screen name Clarity of Signal. I helped lead the site sifting through the Panama Papers, then after the election went cock-eyed for all the Bernie Sanders supporters, the people that built the JPR site couldn't figure out the direction it was to take due to the fact that half the site of now ex antiwar DU'ers admittedly voted for Trump rather than vote for Clinton who they rightfully believed stole the primary election, betrayed them and was about to start WW3 with Russia.

Anyway, I kept doing my thing, exposing the truth best I could and started to really rack up a lot of information on the White Helmet ruse in Syria revealing that they were actually terrorists in disguise posing as humanitarian rescuers (Friends of John McCain).

Strangely, this information which was becoming very popular with the Jackpine Radicals membership was not approved of by the site owner Manny Goldstein who started harassing me and claiming I was too pro Putin/pro Russia. Once again I found myself banned for putting out information that didn't conform to what the sheepherders/gatekeepers prefer be allowed. Due to my posts he created an 'extreme controversy' section for the site that was specifically set up for White Helmets discussion. The membership blamed him for creating a "dungeon" for off-limits topic and he got labeled as a gatekeeper by a large amount of people at the site who then went off and formed a new site called 99ForwardNow. (Named after a JPR mod named Bear99 who had tried to defend myself and my posts.) He was banned like me also for calling out Manny Goldstein.

I am now convinced that Jackpine Radicals was simply set up by Manny Goldstein as a "'controlled opposition chamber" in conjunction with the David Brock/George Soros/Center for American Progress agenda. These are the same people that shut down CBS 46 reporter Ben Swann by the way, a point that is made via an article at my site. This Media Matters/David Brock agenda is also now going after the Fox News networks advertisers (examples Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly). They are also focusing on demonetizing popular political You Tube channels that don't follow the set out deep state propaganda narratives. Thus, censorship is alive and well.....as you well know.

Sorry to have digressed here somewhat, back to my point of posting. I set up the Clarity of Signal geopolitical information site in January this year after the banning at JPR. I decided I had compiled a vast amount of very important information and needed to have it all in one safe location that was my own so that it can act as a helpful resource for other researchers and people who are waking up to the deception that is going on globally now. The information I have ascertained comes primarily through all my Facebook connections, paying close attention to the wars, and the fact that I have a long term understanding of the best sites out there for geopolitical information. All that is happening now is connected and it really does revolve around the fact that the global elite are in danger of being exposed for their thievery, corruption, divisive agendas and war cashing in agenda. The Hegelian Dialectic plays a key role in how they play all of us and pit us against each other. I hope to help people realize this so that we can drop our divisive political affiliations and work together to go after them.

I want to state clearly that these days I am neither red team, nor blue team. I subscribe to no political affiliation and am agnostic also. I do however respect religious practices of others and respect ethnic cultural diversity as I believe it makes the world colorful and diverse. I simply put together information about what I see and I try to compile it in manner so that it is easily accessible and can be used by others to put the larger insane geopolitical picture together. I do believe that the world is going through a new global awakening and we have to be our own best information warriors/disseminators. To me, the mainstream media is now fully the enemy of the people and we must work to expose it for the corrupt mechanism that it truly is.

I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to DEFINE MYSELF. Whether I choose to stay here and post, or whether you censor me or are rude and uncivil matters not to me. I prefer to let your actions define you. I simply post what I believe in. I'm sorry if you don't like it. My site received over 1000 views today by the way. It is closing in on 100,000 views and steadily climbing each day due to the information I have compiled. I'm sorry if you don't like it. Have yourself a nice day. I won't be bothering to respond to your next post. You don't conduct yourself in a civil manner. I'm surprised they let you moderate, lock threads and censor people here.

Here's my post on CBS46 reporter Ben Swann who I believe is a great American patriot.......not a faux one like so many out there.

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