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The White Helmets
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Edited Jun 21, 2017, 19:16
Re: The White Helmets
Jun 21, 2017, 19:15
The White Helmets were set up in March 2013 by James Le Mesurier of the UK Foreign Office. He was an officer in the British Army before.

The White Helmets claim to be "fiercely independent and accept no money from Governments, Corporations or anonymous donors".
They are curently funded to the tune of $23 Million per year as stated by the US State Department. Funding from Saudi Arabia, the UK Foreign Office (and a couple of "others") brings their total funding up to a known $160 Million.
Therefore the claims by The White Helmets to be "independent" and "accept no money..." is false. They were set up by UK Military/ Foreign Office. They are funded by the US, Britain and Saudi Arabia. All of whom are attempting to topple Assad in Syria. The $160 Million is NOT being spent on sticking plasters or First Aid.
The White Helmets claim to be free from any ties to political groups in Syria but are only present in areas controlled by the US Proxy armies of ISIS and Al Nusra who are there to try and topple the Assad Government. The White Helmets are seen to assist in executions and torture.
The White Helmets claim to be "humanitarian", supportive of human rights and freedoms yet time and again are shown to be seen chanting with ISIS, taking part in public torture and executions and have been shown to be sticking needles into children's chests multiple times in a manner guaranteed to kill them. They then pose with mock concern next to corpses and the gristle and gore left after their friends have done their work.

This might help clarify. One more time.

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