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The White Helmets
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Re: The White Helmets
Jun 20, 2017, 22:20
thesweetcheat wrote:
Don't forget the pinpoint accuracy of the drone strikes means that only IS fighters are killed, never any civilians. I know this because our resident US military expert told us so. Along with some rather more colourful stuff about the exact nature of the "civilians" who have been killed.

Having served in and around the US Military thru-out the 1980's would make me something of a "military expert"....certainly in the present company.
I completely stand by what i said too, regarding the current accuracy of weapons systems as they exist today....
I believe i mentioned about GOOGLE EARTH being able to see your car in your driveway....i can readily tell you that military satellite intel far exceeds that in 'Clarity of Signal', particularly in the arid regions of the earth..
Not much gets by that is not seen. Coupled with the accuracy of GPS sat/nav coordinates, its mostly a very sure thing where things will 'end-up'..
Believe it.
It really is quite simple, all the "civilians" that you claim to care about would almost never come to harm were it not for the fact that very nasty enemy combatants cloak themselves within their midst in the cowardly fashion that they are accustomed to...
It's only 'THEM' that the coalition forces are concerned about.
Perhaps the inscrutable forces in this world should try to pick their fights out in the open...instead of randomly driving trucks into mobs of 'infidels', or gunning down concert goers, or randomly stabbing folks out for the evening with their loved ones, or going into market places wearing explosive vests, or killing people at footraces with pressure cooker bombs, or flying planes into massively populated cities, or killing young girls in their schoolyards, or obliterating ancient cultural monuments, Or beheading journalists who seek to 'understand' 'THEM'...or launching un-guided cheaply made rockets into nearby border towns, or hold their own people to ransom to the tune of millions of refugees and millions more displaced in their own homelands because being a Despotic dictator is too good a thing to give up....

All the while supported by the FAR LEFT and Marxist cheer leading squads.
You know, the same ones who also cheer-lead the brutal slaughter of {i believe the running count now is in the area of 10,000} the poorest of a nation in order to ERADICATE the 'drug problem'...

I'm not getting it...is all that what i should be 'getting behind'...
Because all in all, that's the message i've certainly been getting from the 'higher' 'informed' hive mind collective for quite some time now...
I just can't seem to stick to the narrative, can i..??

Anyhow, when the Blowing Them Selves Up Mother Fuckers stop retreating into "Civilian midst's" perhaps the poor "Civilians" you claim to care so much for will cease to be so much collateral damage....
Really, as far as i'm concerned, that's wholly up to the wolves in sheep's clothing.
Simple as can be...pick your fight out in the open....
I don't expect that to happen...it's not in a cowards nature.
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