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The White Helmets
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Re: The White Helmets
Jun 20, 2017, 14:21
Yes it is "comprehensive".....comprehensively full of RUSSIAN agenda, as anyone that isn't blind can clearly deduce by the 'suggested reading/viewing' lists...

Just as a laugh, i perused mr.clarity's 'comprehensive' attack on the SNOPES debunk of the white helmet's as terrorists accusations{originating from RUSSIA}...
ALL about character assassination of the articles author and facebook 'friends'...
Not much to merit 'civility' there i'm afraid.
I'm afraid that mr.'clarity' mistakes utter disbelief of his RUSSIAN agenda pushing for "lack of civility".
Thats OK too...what i 'lack' in civility will easily be matched in 'lackies'....
Very sad too.

AT any rate...if anyone actually watched the CBS 60 minutes segment that i posted, can anyone explain away the Huge Russian helicopters dropping the homemade canister bombs filled with dynamite and metallic shrapnel on the Syrians that are still left to resist ASSAD...?
I'm sure ole' Assad still 'loves' 'his' people.
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