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The White Helmets
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Re: The White Helmets
Jun 20, 2017, 02:11
'Clarity of Signal' suggested "reading" list...:

Friends of Syria
Wrong Kind of Green
The Wall Will Fall
???? ??????
The Free Thought Project
the real Syrian Free Press
Dissident Voice
Global Research
Fort Russ
The AntiMedia.Org
The Duran
The Canary
Activist Post
21st Century Wire
naked capitalism
Ruptly TV
RT - Daily news
The Vineyard of the Saker
Dances With Bears
Moon of Alabama
Antiwar.com Original

'Clarity of Signal' suggested "viewings".....:

A Closer Look on Syria -All Pages
A Closer Look on Syria -Front pages
AMTV -Alternative Media Television
Boiling Frogs Post – Geopolitical Analysis
Bombard's Body Language Assessments
Bypass MSM UK channel
FallenUSSoldiers – War Crimes of Ukrainian Nazis
Graham Philips – True Brit Reports from Ukraine
Jimmy Dore Show – Relevant Young Turks Offshoot
Okeyamnet Russian Views on US aggression
Patrick Lancaster – Donbass Humanitarian Aid and War Reporting
R&U Vids – Russian MOD Syria Archive
Reality Check with Ben Swann – US Real News
Ron Paul Geo and Domestic Report
RT America – Best of the Left
RT- Real Global News and Analysis
Ruptly Instant Global News
Sane Progressive – In Your Face Analysis
Schwejk- U.S. State Dept. Vids
SouthFront Geopolitical Analysis
SouthFront Video Archive
StormCloudsGathering Geopolitical Analysis
Truthstream Media
UK Column News – 21st Century Wire
US Marine 1063 – Truth about Ukraine War
Watchdog Media Institute (#1 Ukraine War Video Archive)
White Helmets Exposed

Yup....no Russian agenda pushing their to see...no siree....

Sorry...but 'clarity of signal' is the last thing to be found among-st that lot...And, lets be honest here, all you lot do is ping pong the same false and un-accredited Marxist narrative back and forth..one to the other, and self righteously claim yourselves as the "investigative" sources.

Whatever man...that CBS 60 minutes last night clearly showed huge Russian helicopters dumping huge fucking homemade bombs on those who have refused to capitulate to Assad's horrific dictatorship...
It's estimated that 4-5 MILLION of his own countryman have fled from him and his bed-fellow...RUSSIA.
Some Arab spring.
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